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TIP Trailer Services Nordic continues to grow

TIP Trailer Services continued to grow in 2017 and with the acquisition of Agathon On Spot in Hirtshals, another workshop was added to the Nordic workshop network. Since 2014, TIP has opened nine workshops in the Nordic region - Gothenburg and Jönköping in Sweden, two workshops in Norway located in Vestby and Stavanger and four workshops in Finland - Helsinki, Lieto, Hamina and Jyväskylä.
2017 was also the year in which TIP Trailer Services began to tankers and the recruitment of Peter Johannessen as Sales Manager was the starting point. TIP's previous investments in the tanker market, including the acquisition of Nordic Tank in Finland, are TIP's previous investments.
When asked about how TIP looks back at 2017, Christian Petersen, CEO or TIP Trailer Services in the Nordic Region, replies: "In many ways, 2017 was a fantastic year. Our Nordic business grew by 29% and our service business by 42% .What was all part of our strategy."

Has become a tire dealer

Christian Petersen also mentions: "We also became a Nokian and Goodyear tire dealer, but we can also sell other tire brands. We also invested in our tire brands. In specific tires that we use in Oslo, Jönköping and Gothenburg, where we change tires På de trailere i terminalerne. På denne måde sparer vores kunder meget tid og dermed reducerer deres omkostninger, så det er en meget krævet service. "

TIP Nordic Roadside

TIP Trailer Services Nordic strengthened their roadside setup in some very important areas in early 2017. Christian Petersen says: "We now organize and handle everything locally, and have technically qualified employees that ensure fast response times - As communication with the customer is paramount. : "Når vi tilbyder serviceavbrudd, er netværket af workshops essentielt og det skal også dække de yderste regioner, som Nordsverige eller Nord Norge - og det vi gør."
TIP har investert i eget service vans og har nu 22 enheder . They are equipped with the latest technology and software.
"We are very successful with the new setup." The service is included när renting trailers by TIP. Men det er også en service we offer two transport companies att run egne trailers. "Says Christian Petersen.

Leasing and Rental

It is not only in workshops and expansion of services that TIP invests. They are also investing heavily in new trailers. "We are experiencing significant growth and our fleet has doubled since 2014. We have expanded our activities to include more specialized trailer types, such as moving floor, drawbars, link trailers and tankers." Christian Petersen concludes.

TIP Trailer Services has more than 60,000 trailers on a European level and more than 12,000 external trailers on service.


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