The cost of keeping trailer mechanics up to date

The cost of keeping trailer mechanics up to date Has the growth of your business led you to consider the flexibility and other practical benefits of outsourcing trailer maintenance? Or maybe even a mix of in-house and outsourced maintenance?

Own workshop – key factors

Here are some of the factors to think about when operating your own trailer and truck maintenance workshop.


You will need a workshop with at least one repair bay including a vehicle inspection pit. Is one bay sufficient for your fleet as you expand your business? Is your yard large enough to accommodate additional bays?

Equipping the workshop with the appropriate tools and workshop machinery is a substantial investment. Among the many items that are essential to the smooth running of a workshop are hoists and lifts, diagnostic equipment, air compressors, pneumatic accessories including tyre removers, cooling system tools, power generators, and lathes.

The stock of spare parts

It is helpful to hold a stock of essential spare parts which correspond to the makes and models of the trailers in your fleet.

Workshop risks

In its leaflet’ titled “Motor Vehicle Maintenance Workshops”, insurance company Aviva mentions that every year over 2,000 accidents in workshops are reported to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. It outlines a very long list of the risks that Aviva has identified across different aspects of workshops including servicing and mechanical repair, body repair, painting, storage, and housekeeping.

To minimise these risks, the workshop operator is obliged to follow certain health and safety regulations. In the UK, for example, this includes the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH).

Skilled trailer technicians/mechanics

How much of your time and budget do you want to spend on recruiting, managing, retaining and training skilled trailer technicians or mechanics? If your maintenance requirements fluctuate with your business, do you have a flexible source of mechanics?

It is interesting to note the basic cost of employing a truck mechanic in different countries across Europe. For example, the average annual wage excluding tax, social charges and the employer’s social charges for a truck mechanic is 31,992, in the UK; €25,599 in France; €36,107 in Germany and €29,733 in Italy.

To outsource trailer maintenance or not?

The main question is: do you, as a fleet manager, want to carry the administrative and financial burden of operating your own trailer workshop(s) or would you prefer to outsource all or part of your trailer maintenance to a specialist such as TIP Trailer Services, enabling you to increase your focus on other parts of your business where you can add more value?

TIP trailer maintenance expertise

Outsourcing trailer maintenance is very much on trend. TIP Trailer Services maintains its customers’ trailers and trucks from 84 locations spread across 17 countries. It gives our customers international reach and convenience, flexibility and peace of mind as we can provide them with any trailer service that they need, wherever they are. Our customers range from multinational transport companies with large fleets to owner-drivers with one trailer.

Scalable and flexible maintenance resources

Not content with just managing our own fleet of over 70,000 trailers, we also provide maintenance and repair and other value-added services for approximately 45,000 customer-owned trailer units. (source: TIP annual report 2017). As such, we have significant scalable and flexible resources including mechanics and workshops to handle your maintenance and repair requirements on an outsourced basis.

TIP Trailer maintenance stats

We certainly have proven maintenance experience and expertise. During 2017, TIP:

  • serviced 109,000 trailers,
  • inspected more than 1,040,000 tyres,
  • handled close to 2,000,000 work orders and about 270,000 internal workshop events,
  • spent €84,400,000 on parts,
  • managed 86,000 roadside incidents.

(source: TIP annual report 2017)

Improving fleet performance and reducing operating costs

We provide a suite of services to improve our clients’ fleet performance whilst reducing their total cost of ownership as well as trailer downtime.  Using our 84 workshops and a fleet of over 160 mobile service units across Europe, we are able to offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service, be it for a single trailer on a one-off basis or through a tailored contracted outsourced programme suitable for an entire fleet.

Third-party maintenance

When it comes to third-party maintenance and repair we offer a broad suite of services including non-contracted maintenance and repair; quality maintenance, repairs, and parts. All our services are provided at competitive prices.

Contracted trailer maintenance

We also provide a contracted maintenance and repair service for customer-owned units to give customers the certainty of fixed monthly rates, thus helping facilitate their budgeting. These modular services can also include pan-European roadside assistance if desired.

Our trailer maintenance and repair service offers:

  • Annual roadworthiness inspections
  • Periodic equipment checks and inspections for brakes, axles and general trailer body based on manufacturers recommendations and expected annual mileage
  • Fleet management
  • Tyre maintenance
  • Roadside assistance services
  • Damage repair management
  • Reefer engine servicing
  • Tail lift servicing

For more information on how you can receive industry-leading, trailer maintenance services,  please contact your local TIP Trailer Services manager using this form.

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